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Walk With Nature

Welcome to Esperanza, which is the Spanish word for "HOPE". It is our hope to help preserve our local wildlife by protecting their natural habitat and by educating the next generation of their importance.  Esperanza is located in the St. Ann's Valley in Port of Spain, Trinidad. A short ride from the bustle of the city, yet a world removed!

Historically St. Ann's is known for its abundance of wildlife such as the "Emperor Butterfly" after which our local zoo is named. However, our wildlife is being impacted with more and more housing and land development in the area.

Luckily, not just the land around Esperanza has been passed down through the generations, but also our love of nature. It is our dream to share this slice of heaven with you!

On your visit you are guaranteed to see many pollinators, varieties of humming birds, bees and butterflies. Children and adults alike may also enjoy sightings of agoutis, manicous, iguanas and a diverse cross section of birds.

Email:                                                                                                                                        Phone:  1-868-322-2183

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